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Stuffed Jalapeños aka

The Classic version of this is a Jalapeños stuffed with plain cream cheese a hunk of smoked meat and wrapped in Bacon. Jalapeño Poppers, Atomic Buffalo Turds or ABT's are a staple appetizer with competitive BBQ cooks..  We kicked up the recipe and made the presentation a little more appealing.  Using a toothpick can end up with the cooked ABT looking like a dead mouse.


  • Soak skewers for 30 minutes in hot water

  • 16 Jalapeños

  • 1 Brick Cream Cheese

  • 6 Large stuffed Olives

  • Left over Smoked meat

  • Rub and Mrs. Dash to taste

  • BBQ Sauce to taste

  • Hot Stuff to your limit ;)

    De-stem the Jalapeños and slice in half then de-seed.
    Put the cream cheese, olives, rub and Mrs. Dash in Cuisanart and cream. Then add heaped handful of chopped up smoked meat and pulse till just combined.
    Fill half shell with mixture, top with some smoked meat (optional) wrap in bacon and skewer.

Atomic Hot

Unless you are lucky to find Jalapeños grown with very little water which makes them very hot these can be rather mild.  The solution is to put something hot in the filling.  Some kind of powdered pepper will work I found some nice hot  Chipotle powder.  Any kind of hot sauce will work.  You can also put in some fresh hot pepper or make the whole thing out of a hotter pepper.


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Half a Weber Chimney of Kingsford divided between two sides of a Weber Kettle using the 3901 charcoal rails.  Chunk of Cherry wood on top of the charcoal on each side. WSM with no water in the water pan, but the pan still installed will achieve the same result.  Smoke for 30 minutes at around 300. No need to turn or peek.  Taste test for doneness ;)



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Warning these can be addictive :)

The stuffing mixture is great uncooked as a spread for crackers. 

Bacon strips cooked on their own in Cherry smoke is a great alternative to frying.

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Veggies for Fire Roasted Salsa & Chicken Buffalo Legs
Students get the Salsa recipe for free, it's also in our book.

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