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Texas Barbecue Classes
Konrad is now home based in Austin TX

Texas BBQ Class Locations:

A few of my favorite Texas BBQ "Joints"

All kinds of Texas and BBQ class videos Here

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Texas Barbeque Class Instructors:

  • Konrad Haskins
    BBQ Institute™ Founder and World Famous Grand Champion Pitmaster.  Konrad personally teaches every class worldwide. TLC's Pitmasters show is great TV for BBQ.  On the "Inside The World of Championship Barbecue" DVD you can watch Konrad cook against Johnny Trig and Chris Lilly at the American Royal Invitational.  Harry Soo started with a BBQ Institute™ Pitmaster class and also took our competition class the next year to help him clinch the rookie of the year award.

    Bio, FAQ and Awards

  • Jonathan Stewart
    BBQ Institute™ Graduate and Grand Champion Pitmaster. Jonathan assists with many of our classes in Texas.

Texas BBQ School Dates:

What Texas BBQ Students Are Saying:

Comments on the Texas BBQ Forum about March 6th and 7th, 2010

Hi Konrad, it was a real pleasure to meet you and take your class.  Last weekend my wife bought me a new 22" WSM and I really love it.  On Sunday I cooked up a great brisket, some baby backs and a slab of spare ribs.  My son comes over every Sunday for dinner and this time he said in all the years I have made barbeque this was the first time that it tasted like it was made in a restaraunt.  For him that is a real compliment!  I sent him home with 1/2 a brisket and most of the ribs and 1/2 of your lemon cake.


Thanks again, I got way more than my money's worth.




P.C. March 2010

Just wanted to drop a little note thanking you for a very informative class.  I learned much and can't wait to put this knowledge to work. 
Jason M March 2010


I really enjoyed the BBQ Class on March 6th. Great job and lots of good information.


Thank you,

Tom K March 2010

That looks like our Sunday brisket. Had a great time Konrad, thanks a bunch!

Ian S March 2010

The class was a real eye-opener. I already have some of the meat prepped for this weekend, incorporating many of the new things learned on March 6th. Let's hope I got the good brisket I think I did!

Thanks again, Konrad!


Mark G March 2010


My buddy and I took your BBQ class about a year and a half ago in San Diego. We flew out from Phoenix. I come from a proud Central / West Texas BBQ family but could never quite get it right. Well, almost two years later and a couple tons of meat later I am the Pit Master of Smokin Aces BBQ I provide BBQ to a number local caterers and special events. It is a wonderful thing to put smiles on peoples faces.

Thanks for everything.

Kevin  H August 2008

First Contest


We went to our 1st cook off this weekend. There were 67 teams. We placed 4th in Chicken and 5th in Brisket. We made the final table in Ribs but didn't place. The competition checklist you sent me was very helpful, we took everything we needed and didn't forget anything. Your classes were very helpful as well as your advice from when we went shopping.

Thanks again.


Second Contest


We got to cook again this weekend.
3rd in chicken
5th in ribs
6th in brisket
Reserve Grand Champion!
You are a good teacher, not bad for my second cookoff.

Thanks for the info on cooking for a large group.

Thanks again,

Jonathan Stewart, Canyon ,Texas

PS. Jonathan has gone on to win a lot more contests and often helps teach BBQ Institute™ classes.

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I came to Konrad's class a very average backyard griller with no experience using a smoker.  Konrad was not only very knowledgeable in his class he was also very approachable and answered any question without making you feel bad about how amateur it was.  In the 6 weeks since the class I've fed 150 people for Thanksgiving and Christmas and took some to work and neighbors.  Everyone has given great complements and I have even received quite a few "best I've ever had" complements.  This class basically escalated me through what would take most people years of hard knocks BBQ to learn on their own in a very short period of time.  Konrad even  helped me in an e-mail with a question weeks after the class.  He's very good people.

Shayne D. Amarillo, Texas

Wondering if you plan on offering a class this year in Austin, TX ?

I attended your class two years ago. Learned a ton, and would like to get a refresher and bring along a friend or two.


Chris B, San Antonio, Texas

We really enjoyed the class last Saturday in Dallas!

Larry C, Fort Worth, Texas

More Testimonials Here

Texas BBQ

Personal tribute by Pitmaster Konrad Haskins to Texas BBQ.

This "Sky Full of Bacon" Video Blog was shot shortly before Robert (Bobby) Louis Mueller passed away the restaurant is now run by his son.  Also in this video is another Texas legend and BBQ restaurant owner Vencil Mares. The The two legendary barbecue restaurants mentioned in Taylor Texas are the Taylor Cafe and Louie Mueller Barbecue

Konrad brought over 30 years of cooking experience to his new found passion of competition.  He was an overnight success going from his first contest to winning his first qualifier in 16 weeks in 2002.  Winning the Montana state championship kot Teddy Bear's BBQ invited to the American Royal Invitational and The Jack Daniel's.  At the American Royal Invitation we we cooked next to Texas Legend Harley Goerlitz.  In the six invitationals we've qualified for we've cooked next to the likes of Johnie Trig (Smoking Triggers), James and Lola Rice (USA Smoke), Mike Davis (Lotta Bull), Bill Millroy (Texas Rib Rangers) and Ain't Prime to name a few.

Konrad's full on exposure to Texas BBQ was as a result of winning the Pacific Northwests BBQ associations Best New Cook of 2002 award.  The prize was an all expense paid trip to Houston for a BBQ class taught by Jams and Lola Rice of USA Smoke BBQ team from Hico Texas.  Dinner the first night of the Class was Fajitas cook by Konrad and Guy Fieri before he became a TV star.

All but the Dallas class picture below are from a memorable 2006 road trip from Houston to Austin and back.  It was the first class we taught in Texas and my first time visiting the original Salt Lick BBQ restaurant in Driftwood Texas.

Southside Market
Elgin Texas Barbecue

Meyers Sausage Co
Elgin Texas BBQ

Fire Wood4$ale
Texas Sky

Old Logo and Real
Cane Sugar 2006

1st Texas BBQ Class
Austin, TX 2006

Houston BBQ Pit
@ Rental Yard

Blue Bell

Road Trip

1st Dallas BBQ Class

Smoking Chicken
Austin '06

Shayne D.
Amarillo, Texas

Elgin Texas Sausage
Austin BBQ 2006

BBQ Pork Loin
Austin '06

BBQ Pulled Pork
Austin '06

School Lunch
Austin Texas BBQ

Barbecue Student
Austin BBQ Class

Peeling Ribs
Texas Barbeque Class

Offset BBQ Pit
Austin TX 2006

#1 Student from
1st Austin Class

We own all of these and consider them great reading and viewing.  Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook by Robb Walsh is a must read for the history of Texas barbecue.  As a competition cook we know the pages are filled with nuggets of winning advice. Barbecue: A Texas Love Story is a DVD worth watching about the great Texas BBQ restaurants.  The LBJ Cookbook and Pit Pot and Skillet are both out of print.  LBJ is long on history and short on recipes but the few in there are good.  Pit, Pot and Skillet is full of recipes.

Walter Jetton was LBJ's
BBQ caterer.  This book is
Out of print but available

"Inside the World of
Championship Barbecue"
was not filmed in Texas
But it does feature our
BBQ Pitmaster
Konrad Haskins

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